Rural heritage

Discover our typical timber-framed house from the XIVth century. You will also find typical houses from the Morvan : a sober style with details, made of a local stone (the granite).                                                                        

Others curiosities :

- Mills : Saint-Germain-de-Modéon, Saint-Andeux

- Ovens : Molphey (2 ovens), La-Motte-Ternant (lime kiln). The lime was used to enrich Morvan's ground.

- Fountains : Villargoix, Saulieu (XVIIIe s.)

- Imperial milestone : Rouvray, Saulieu (XIXe s.)

- Famous cafés : Café Kira à Rouvray, Café Parisien à Saulieu (XIXe s.)

- Sawmill : Scierie Capitain (06 81 38 89 10 | 21210 Champeau-en-Morvan), Mr. Capitain welcomes you in his workshop to shows how he works. Open every monday or by appointment.