Discover our typical timber-framed house from the XIVth century. You will also find typical houses from the Morvan : a sober style with details, made of a local stone (the granite).                                                                        

Others curiosities :

- Mills : Saint-Germain-de-Modéon, Saint-Andeux

- Ovens : Molphey (2 ovens), La-Motte-Ternant (lime kiln). The lime was used to enrich Morvan's ground.

- Fountains : Villargoix, Saulieu (XVIIIe s.)

- Imperial milestone : Rouvray, Saulieu (XIXe s.)

- Famous cafés : Café Kira à Rouvray, Café Parisien à Saulieu (XIXe s.)

- Sawmill : Scierie Capitain (06 81 38 89 10 | 21210 Champeau-en-Morvan), Mr. Capitain welcomes you in his workshop to shows how he works. Open every monday or by appointment.

IMG 2443

(Saulieu's wash house during the biennal of modern art)

In the countryside, women went to the wash houses with

laundry on their wheelbarrow. They were kneeled in wooden

case (triolo) filled with straw or cloth soap they clothes.

The different wash houses : Molphey (XIXe s.), 

Saint-Didier-en-Morvan (Maison Baude),

Saint-Andeux (2 wash houses),

Saint-Léger-de-Fourches, Saulieu (1764,le lavoir du faubourg de Boignard),

Thoisy-la-Berchère (3 lavoirs) and Vrilly.