Saulieu, once "Sidolocus" was built at the intersection of two ancient Roman ways. The activity and the reputation of the city come from those route which placed Saulieu as a stage town since Gallo-Roman era.

Some prestigious visitors took a step here, such as François 1st or the marquess of Sévigné.

Then, since 1936, thanks to the birth of paid vacations, the French started to go on holidays. As a stage town, Saulieu develloped its activity about hotels and restaurants.

With the built of the highway A6, Saulieu become out of regulars way to go on holidays but the city still keep its activity.

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Built during the XIIth century, Saulieu's basilica is home to beautiful Roman capitals.

Guided visits every saturday afternoon from may to september. Out of this period, a booking is needed to visit it (ask the tourism office).

The basilica is open every day excet monday. Closed every sunday from All Saints' day to Easter.. Closed from mid-january to the end of february.

Free entry. Guided visit for groups : 2 €/p, with a booking at the tourism office.

Located in a unoccupied classroom of La-Roche-En-Brenil, the museum exhibits maquettes made by M.Perrotin and many pictures.

This exhibition shows how the place grew this last century.

To visit : 03 80 64 71 79  - Free

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Besides Saint-Andoche basilica, Saulieu has a church with a very original wood shingle roof (Saint-Saturnin church).

Rouvray's Saint-Didier church dates back to the XVth century.

Saint-Andéol church of Saint-Andeux (XVIth century.) have a big pyramid-shaped-roof tower.

The ancient church of Saint-Léger-de-Fourches (XIth century) nearby Champeau-en-Morvan have been rebuilt during the XIXth century.

La-Motte-Ternant's Saint-Martin church (XIe s.) was formerly a chapel (reworked at XIVth century). This church is a mix between Caroligian and Roman heritage.

At Saint-Germain-de-Modéon remains church from the XVIIIth century.

You can admire the private castles of La-Motte-Ternant, La-Roche-en-Brenil, Saint-Andeux (XVe s.), Villargoix (XIIIe s.), Thoisy-la-Berchère (XVe s.) and Saint-Léger-de-Fourches.

At La-Motte-Ternant you can find the vestiges of the Gabrielle d’Estrée's tower : this castle would have belong to a Henri IV's mistress.